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Maximizing the festival experience so festival goers don’t miss a beat

I am a huge fan of music festivals and crafting one of a kind creative costumes is one of my specialties, so I was excited to work on a mobile app for Voodoo Music + Arts Experience. My team was tasked with a complete redesign of the festival’s mobile app to help elevate the festival-goers experience. Read on to learn about our process.

Kay Liberato
Maureen Noone
Lex Windle
My Roles
User Research
Research Synthesis 
UI Design
Usability Testing
3 Weeks


Get Ready to Rock

The Voodoo Experience app is a mobile app that allows festival-goers to do everything they would expect to do with a festival app such as view lineups and check festival information, along with other features that make the entire experience easier to navigate. Users can access an interactive map, easily locate their friends and create a custom schedule so they don’t miss a beat.

The Challenge

Most large festivals have a mobile app, but we wanted to create something that not only checks all the boxes of what is expected but also adds features to address the painful points during the festival journey. We wanted to be sure we weren't just hitting all the high notes, but also addressing the low notes, as there are definitely times when a large event can be frustrating.

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Setting the Stage

Comparative + Comparative Analysis

To begin, we started with competitive analysis in order to understand what common features can be found in existing festival mobile apps. Reviewing mobile apps for large scale festivals we came up with a baseline of what features we might want to include in the app. We also knew that a map was a key component so we did some comparative analysis with other map applications.


User Interviews

As a team we brainstormed together to come up with questions that would help us understand the festival goers experience and identify pain points where the app could help. We conducted 12 user interviews with people that regularly attend Voodoo or similar festivals. 


Synthesizing the Data

After our interviews were completed, we performed an affinity mapping exercise as a team.

Defining UserS

Journey Map + Personas

After synthesizing our data we created a journey map and 3 unique personas: The Influencer, The SuperFan, and The Spectator.


Identify Pain Points

With our personas and journey map in mind we were then able to identify 3 problems the app could help with.

How might we...

  1. Provide better navigation throughout the festival?
    PDF maps are flat and don’t function like most maps users are currently familiar with. We intend to integrate what3words so users can communicate/find exact locations within the festival grounds.
  2. Provide a way to accurately track festival-goers friends?
    Allow a 2-way add so friends can easily share locations.
  3. Allow individuals to plan their day at the festival?
    Built in scheduling within the app so users can make a schedule and share with friends


Building Out the Solution

Before jumping into the design our next steps included: creating an app map, defining user flows and determining what must and should be on the app screens.


Each team member rapidly sketched out their ideas for each screen which we presented and discussed together. This helped generate a multitude of ideas for how to approach the design. Here are some of my sketches.

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes


Moderated Usability Testing

Given time constraints we decided to test with the mid-fidelity prototype. We observed 3 users complete 3 task flows.


Bringing Up the Fidelity

After our user interviews we were able to go back and make iterations to the prototype while bringing up the fidelity I created mood boards to help inspire the design as well. We decided to keep it clean and visually streamlined since festival-goers might be a bit, well, 'over stimulated' after a long day of partying when trying to use the app to locate friends or ride sharing.


High Fidelity Protoype

Finally, the moment you have been scrolling for! Check out our interactive prototype designed in Figma.


Next Steps

The prototype is just the beginning and theres still a lot to be done before 2022. I was impressed with what my team was able to accomplish in 3 weeks time. Next steps for the app include:

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