National CoaLition for Sexual Health

Informing men and women of all ages about sexual health.

National Coalition for Sexual Health (NCSH) envisions a nation where people feel comfortable talking about sexual health and have access to the information and services needed to support positive and healthy choices, without facing stigma or discrimination. I was responsible for developing branding, print collateral and translating the guide into an informative microsite.


My Roles

Print Design
UI Design
Front-End Dev




Altarum is a nonprofit organization that works with federal and state health agencies and foundations to improve health outcomes of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Altaum's initiative, NCSH, seeks to normalize and promote conversations about sexual health for everyone. Working directly with the client I was responsible for:

  • Developing brand identity and design guidelines
  • Creating print collateral (letterhead, postcards, informative guides)
  • NCSH website design
  • Design and build 'Take Charge of Your Sexual Health' guide microsite
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